About Bevin

I am a storyteller and writer. Being a storyteller did not come to me by chance or coincidence. It was something that germinated and ripened as I grew up.

Being a writer is something that came to me later in life. It came knocking on my door at a time of great distress, a time when I had withdrawn into myself. That was a period in my life when my lips were sewn and no stories were oozing out of me. That was the time when everything I touched turned to sawdust. Everything I saw turned to doom and gloom. Whilst engrossed in that magical world of writing, I became fluent in the language of silence.

That time writing turned to me and whispered sweet nothings. Come into my magical world and you will create wonders it said. I had no other companions. My family was there but not there. I followed writing. I stumbled many times but kept getting up and following.

Through following writing, some transformation took place. I wrote many stories, plays and novels. I also read very many things. But  one thing I read sent  echoes and ripples in my mind.

“Who are you to hide your  light  under a bushel basket?”  -Nelson Mandela.

That quote continued to bombard my mind. Enough! I replied.

If I was an insect, I would say I metamorphosed during that time. My silent voice crackled to life. Slowly I crept out of my cocoon to face the world in a different light.

Everything I had written, it was for my own consumption. Writing was my companion and I had no intentions to share Writing with anybody. That day of ‘reckoning’, of creeping out of my cocoon changed everything. I saw happiness being in sharing. I swore on that day I would never hide my light under a bushel basket but will share it with all.

I started going to storytelling events and it wasn’t long before I found myself joyfully participating and performing in theatres, libraries, coffee shops, fund raising events and many other venues. I was being paid handsomely for sharing stories. My world was turning. I was now travelling nationally across the United Kingdom and internationally performing and collaborating with many renowned storytellers and authors.

I am one person who loves to smile a lot. I have learnt one important thing. That it only takes a smile to brighten up a dark day.

Here is a list of what I SHARE.

I share stories of hope

I share stories to mediate conflicts

I share stories that bring the art of conversation to communities so that the world can hold more compassion and harbour less hate.

I share stories to bring out  smiles and laughter.

I share stories that help to conquer fear

I share stories where they are needed.

I share stories to convey  emotions.

I share stories to untangle mysteries.