My Mouth Brought Me Here


This one-off event took place at Butetown History and Arts Centre in Cardiff on the 18th of June 2015. Eric Ngalle Charles of Black Entertainment Wales  brought artists together. This was a memorable night of poetry, storytelling and music. The poetry and storytelling from Eric Ngalle had intellectual bite whilst the music from the highly talented upcoming artists King Jaguar and Carlton Curtis was enchanting and revolutionary.At this event I shared with the audience some folktales including How The Cat Became A Woman’s Best friend. This show is bound to remain in my long term canon as one of my best collaborations ever.

One thought on “My Mouth Brought Me Here

  1. Susan Tatah

    Good day ,
    i most confess that i am getting for the first time and mesmerized at what i get to discover. Eric Ngalle Charles for your information you have just been hyjacked – this event my mouth has brought me shall showcase in Germany at the 8th International Africa Festival Tübingen in southern region of Germany.


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