What I do

A storyteller’s aim is to harness the power in stories to help facilitate conversations, to inspire and motivate and of course to share knowledge. I tell traditional stories and run workshops for children and adults.

In my capacity as a narrative therapist, I use the medium of storytelling to help people or groups tackle issues such as bullying and resolve conflict. Here are some of the projects I am working on.

Storytelling projects

- Moyo Murefu This is a package consisting of a one hour performance piece and a workshop. Moyo Murefu means deep heart and endless patience. The package focusses on experiences on dealing with trauma, developing imaginative responses to difficult situations, love, hope and war. Thus Moyo Murefu stories inspire audiences to discover the magic within life’s myriad problems and puzzles. This package is ideal for schools, charities and workplaces.

-The Hare and The Baboon This is a one hour performance piece which is a collection of African folklore centred on tricksters, villains and heroes. Devised together with Dr Bambo Soyinka, a ubiquitous and playful artistic director, the Hare and Baboon takes its audience through a mythical experience through mud huts, jungles as Hare tricks his way. This performance is ideal for youths, family audiences, schools and community gatherings.

-As Good As You Give This is one of Magmatic Stories community engagement program. As a Team Leader at Magmatic Stories, I take the forefront in the delivery of this unique, participative, thought provoking performance and workshop which brings awareness to the problem of bullying in the community. The performance is one hour long followed by a half day workshop. This performance is designed for children in schools and professionals in workplaces. For more about this anti-bullying project visit www.magmaticstories.co.uk